Pst. Mike Uwak

CEO - CLIMA positive Impact Magazine

The apex of Gospel Awards in Nigeria – CHRISTIAN LEGENDARY AND IMPACT MAKERS AWARDS (CLIMA) 2019 is slated on 20th day of September 2019 at NIGERIAN MERIT AWARDS HOUSE (MERIT HOUSE) MAITAMA, Abuja. 

According to Uwak Mike- CEO of CLIMA & POSITIVE IMPACT Magazines and official organizers of the program; the  4th edition of this glitz and glam gathering of Christian leaders, pastors, gospel music talents, actors, actresses and other professional promises to be the best of all the anniversaries.


Hi, welcome and thank you for making out time to be here. Voting is on and will conclude on the 31st of August, 2019. 

Gospel Music Legend 2019

Global Music Icon Award

Artist of the year

Song of the Year

Gospel Album of the Year

Outstanding Music Minister of the Year

Male Vocalist of the Year

Female Vocalist of the Year

Songwriter of the Year

Musical Crew of the Year

Instrumentalist Of The Year

Rising Star Of The Year

TV Station Of The Year

South-South Artiste Of The Year (Nigeria)

South–East Artiste Of The Year (Nigeria)

South West Artiste Of The Year (Nigeria)

North – East Artiste Of The Year ( Nigeria)

North – West Artiste Of The Year (Nigeria)

North- Central Artiste Of The Year ( Nigeria)

Artiste Of The Year (Diaspora)

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  1. I’d like to vote when it’s on pls

    1. Sure you will :), 1st July… thank you for checking up on us

      1. Kudos to all the organisers of this awards.Nigerian Gospel music artists are really making wave both locally and internationally.Not only spreading the Gospel of the our Lord all around the world but also making Nigeria proud.God bless you all.

    2. God bless you for the good work you are doing in His kingdom.

  2. Your Comment Here…can I vote here pls?

    1. Yes but Voting starts on the 1st of July… So all the categories will become active on that day 12:00am, thank u

  3. Please kindly notify me via email or phone number

    1. Thank you for this platform

  4. Please any category for best mc

    1. No MC TG, We dont have that category at the moment but maybe in the nearest future.

  5. This is awesome.

  6. Your Comment Here…this is amazing I vote

  7. Your Comment Here…voted

  8. It’s July 1st South Africa o

    1. Great Achiever, you really deserve this award

    2. Sir, you really deserve this award

      1. Sir, is your time, you deserve it,it just yours congrats my brother.

    3. Dr King Vitus Eze, you are a blessing always

  9. WHY I’m I not able to vote. It’s 1st July already

  10. I’m Fikile here in South Africa, is there any specific reason you spelt “Artist” wrongly as “Artiste” instead of Artist? Please note that incorrect spelling jeopardizes your work and discredits it. To be taken seriously your work must be edited correctly.

    1. Fikile, can you check your dictionary as to the meaning between the two words, please? Thank you and have a nice day

    2. Please kindly confirm it from the dictionary, it’s correct. Nice day

    3. Thanks

  11. Why I’m I unable to vote, it’s July first already

    1. Maybe you should check your network because we are receiving votes already.

  12. I just voted

    I vote for Godstime E. okorie

    1. North Central artists of the year
      I vote aisa akapson

  14. I vote Godstime E. Okorie. North – central artist of the year. Thanks

  15. North Central Artiste of the Year. (Nigeria)
    I Vote for Aisa Akapsu .

  16. North Central artists of the year
    I vote for God’s Time okorie

    1. I love this vision as it unifies the body of Christian’s. I am voting in different categories.

  17. I love this… God bless the organizers

  18. Good day, i vote Prospa Ochimana as male vocalist of the year

  19. North central artist of the year
    God’s Time Okorie

  20. I vote God’stime okorie …..jos north central artist of the year.he has inspired alot through his songs!

    1. Please did you actually voted or you just comment, we did like to know that you actually voted please, comments dont count.

      1. This is a great work, i ask that Yeshua prospers and cause this work to grow without bounds.

  21. God bless you all

  22. I looked for Lord Bishop to vote as my candidate but cannot find his name on the list. Do sth abt it pls.

    1. It’s there but because of huge traffic , you have to exercise patience and wait for the page to finish opening

  23. Thanks loads the privilege to vote. And thanks for running with this Vision

    1. He who Waters, shall be watered … The Lord honor, The management …. For this Honor…good idea…. Welcomed initiative…

  24. North Central
    Benjamin Atomode Lord bishop
    He has done so much
    I believe it is coming to him
    By God’s grace

  25. It’s amazing. I love this platform.

    1. I vote for Mrs. Aisa Akapson for Northeast category.

  26. You are the chosen but you

  27. I like this,
    I vote A A James
    North West Artiste of the year.
    Thank you.

  28. Aisa Akapson all the way by the grace of God you will make it. Especially with your popular song Gakafana

  29. I voted for other categories, am I still eligible to cote for others in other categories for which I didn’t vote? I also didn’t see the nominees for song writers.

  30. Thank you climamagazine it’s a good way to encourage the Gospel artist. God bless you. Is there going to be free tricked. Please I need one.

    1. We have tickets that is affordable at 2000 naira.

  31. Wow,its amazing
    Thank you for this platform

  32. Yes, you are eligible for one vote per category. Go ahead. Thanks

  33. I can not see Dr pastor Paul Enenche’s name. I learnt he is one of the nominees. Any changes please ?.

    1. No changes, please check under song writer of the year

  34. Nice one

  35. North Central Artiste of the year Nigeria
    I vote for Godstime E okorie

  36. Song writer of the year.
    I vote Dr Paul enenche

  37. I can’t vote the page is writing I voted already how😭😭😭😭😭

  38. This is lovely
    I have already voted for Miracle
    Orabueze SouthEast Artise of year

  39. Things are getting better… I remain Mr Samuel CeO

  40. Thanks for this Award program and the platform. A wonderful opportunity to speak our minds.

  41. Amazing… May God bless your work…wish I could watch from here…when it will happen is there gonna be a live streaming on the web? I live in SA don’t wanna miss out on this amazing progress in the gospel music industry and ministry

    1. Yes, on Facebook , when we conclude plans with other media, will let u know

  42. Awesomely amazing!!!
    Just voted!!!

  43. I vote for my music director. Mr M. God bless you sir. God bless the revelations

  44. God bless you for the kingdom minded project. …. more grace

  45. Blissvic not in any category? . I came here for her though but will vote anyway. She’s very good

  46. Great job weldon a great platform,

  47. This is great, I vote for Aisa Akapson. May the lord continue to inspire you through all your endeavors in what He has called you to do.

  48. I want to vote and the selection which I want to vote is already saying I have voted when I have not.
    I think this is a problem that needs resolve.
    My Vote for the south east gospel singer for the year goes to Miracle Orabueze.
    I will be glad if my request is approved here.
    Miracle Orabueze have been such a huge blessing to me and many more in the south east to the glory of God.

  49. Aisa Akapson sure North east artist of the year

  50. For North Central Artist of the year Nigeria I vote for God time E Okerie

  51. My song writer of the year goes to Pastor Paul Eneche.

  52. Song writer of the year

    I vote Dr pastor PAUL ENENCHE
    More auction to function daddy

  53. I vote for Godstime E. Okorie as North Central Gospel artist of the year

  54. North Central artists of the year
    Aisa Akapson

  55. I vote for Fola Eden as South West artist of the year. Thank you for this great platform to the organizers of this award

  56. I love this

  57. Song writer of the year.
    I vote Pst. Dr Paul Enenche

  58. I vote Dr Pastor Paul Enenche for song writer of the year, 2019.

    1. I have voted too

  59. Can’t I vote twice???

  60. I can’t vote, its telling me I have voted

  61. Just voted many of my preferred artiste. Keep it up. You have a good platform.

  62. I vote for Fola Eden as South West artist of the year

  63. @Climamagazine, God bless you for the nominees.

    Miracle Orabueze has it for South-East Artiste of the year

  64. I voted for Prince K for artist of the year (diaspora).
    I voted because of sister Stacy.

  65. PRINCE K for Artist of the YEAR..

  66. Why is it showing you have already voted when trying to vote?

  67. This is worth voting. Kudos to organizers

  68. Song writer of the year I vote for Dr pastor Paul Enenche daddy more grace

  69. May the Lord continue to strengthen the organizers who devoted time and energy to encourage people on showing their talents. Remain blessed

  70. This is good, keep me updated please.

  71. I vote for ioc walter

  72. [7/14, 10:03 PM] Princess: Why are they telling me that i have already voted
    [7/14, 10:04 PM] Princess: Its indicating that one has voted already which isn’t true.. perhaps u should bring the organisers attention to it?

  73. I vote Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche for song writer of the year. Fresh grace daddy

  74. Waw this is nice,taken the Gospel industry to another level…

  75. This is amazing… Receive the grace to stay on it. To God be the glory

  76. I tried to vote but couldn’t. Is anything the challenge?
    Because I am here to vote for DR.PST.PAUL ENENCHE for the best Songwriter.
    Keep me updated if there is any changes. Cheers!

  77. I vote for Dr pastor Paul Enenche for the song writer of the year

  78. I vote Paul Enenche for song writer of the year

  79. How can i vote please

  80. Some of us will appreciate if you have “Emmanuel TV” on the best TV category..

  81. I vote for Emem Baseda . Thanks

  82. Praying for all of them that the best should Amarge.For many were called but few was chosen.

  83. Please I tried again and can not vote… Please am voting for Pastor Paul Eneche as the best sing writer.. Thanks

  84. When are we expecting the result for the winners? God bless u all

  85. Let the will of God be done

  86. May the best Man wins #songwriteroftheyear
    #Tvstationoftheyear 💃💃

  87. Kudos to Clima Magazine!

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